Did you know

  • The American Heart Association recommends eating five servings of fruit and five servings of vegetables every day. They also recommend adding more color to your plate from the five main color groups; red/pink, blue/purple, yellow/orange, white/brown and green (American Heart Association)
  • 52% of produce grown in the United States goes to waste because of logistical inefficiencies and small exterior imperfections that don’t effect the taste or quality of the produce.
  • Many Denver neighborhoods are considered food deserts, meaning they are low income areas that have no access to grocery stores.

Our Mission

We believe no produce should go to waste and everyone should have the access to a healthy diet with fresh fruits and vegetables.

Our mission is to provide Denver a more convenient and affordable way to eat healthy.

How Eat Five Works

We put together weekly produce boxes filled with fruits and vegetables that are fresh and in season. The boxes are only $20 which is about 40% cheaper than local grocery stores.  We have pickup locations located throughout Denver or you can pick up a box at Tucci Fresh Produce.

Want to help your community? For an additional $10, you can donate a produce box to a Denver family in need.

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